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No load is too wide or heavy for the experts at Superior Nationwide Logistics

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Industrial Transportation Services

Streamline your supply chain with consistent capacity, reliable service and customizable shipment visibility with Superior Nationwide Logistics.

Superior Nationwide Logistics offers full-service industrial and commercial freight shipping. Our overland freight transportation company is dedicated to moving loads short and long-distance safely, efficiently and on time, every time. We offer flatbed, step-deck and dry van transportation options.

When shipping with Superior Nationwide Logistics, rest assured knowing your load’s location at any transit point. Each asset we carry is tracked around the clock, every day to ensure customer satisfaction. Powered by the most accurate routing plans, Superior Nationwide Logistics provides consumers with predictive estimated-time-of-arrivals and accurate delivery notifications.

Customer-first atmosphere

Relationships are our greatest asset. Effective logistics is a collaborative process, and clear communication enables our team to develop freight services tailored to each customer individually. Our support team is available at all times to help pair customers with the best transportation solution for their needs and budgetary constraints. We respond to all inquiries with an initial quote in 10 minutes or less. Requests necessitating additional research will receive quotes within one hour.

Expedited and hot shot transportation services are available for customers demanding the fastest turnaround times. Value-minded customers can seek cost savings with our less-than-truckload and partial load delivery services.At Superior Nationwide Logistics, we strive to understand each customer’s transport needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions.


Transport your load safely and economically with our flatbed trailer specialists

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Step Deck

Ship tall machinery or oversized loads with step-deck freight transportation services

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LTL/Partial Loads

Reduce costs when moving your cargo with LTL/Partial Load solutions

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Cargo Van Loads

Fully enclosed, dry van shipping needs at competitive prices

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Prompt and reliable time-sensitive freight shipping

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Hot Shot

When time is money, hot shot transit is the best way to reach the end destination

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Cargo Containers

Punctual and dedicated cargo container shipping services

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Long Haul

Swift and steadfast long distance freight shipping.

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Custom Transportation Services

Full-service solutions to get your challenging cargo to its end destination

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