Heavy Haul & Wide Loads

Safe and reliable wide and overweight load transportation services

Move oversized or heavy loads with the experts at Superior Nationwide Logistics.

We are a logistics company offering safe and reliable wide and heavy haul equipment transportation services across the continental United States of America and Canada. With decades of experience, we can support all facets of your freight’s move – from load planning, permit acquisition, and final delivery. Contact SNL today to get started.

Wide and heavy load guidelines

  • While guidelines vary by jurisdiction, wide loads are generally considered those in excess of 8 feet, six inches wide
  • Many jurisdictions consider a load overweight when the gross weight for the vehicle and its load exceeds 80,000 pounds

We make heavy and wide load transportation easy

  • Map out routes
  • Obtain special permits when loads exceed federal, state or local government requirements
  • Provide pilot cars or escorts when needed

Customer comes first

  • Customer service team responds to all inquiries with an initial quote in 10 minutes or less
  • Inquiries requiring additional research will receive quotes within one hour
  • Tracking to all of the freight with an industry-leading technology platform
  • Notifications prior to arrival

Our drivers know freight

  • Drivers haul loads with care
  • TWIC cards
  • Each carries personal-protective equipment
  • Equipped with dunnage, tarps, straps and other equipment to secure and safeguard loads.

We make moving heavy and wide cargoes easy

Our veteran solutions team takes the hassle out of moving even the most complex short- or long-haul overweight and over-dimensional loads.

We specialize in complex, challenging hauls that other carriers might turn away. Our team can easily find the appropriate trailer to accommodate your load, regardless of its dimensions, mass or quantity. While guidelines vary by jurisdiction, wide loads are generally considered those in excess of 8 feet, six inches. Many jurisdictions consider a gross weight in excess of 80,000 pounds for the vehicle and its load as overweight.

When loads exceed federal, state or local government requirements, our solutions team can map out routes and obtain required permits necessary to move shipments safely and efficiently, on time, every time. When needed, we can dispatch pilot cars or escorts to ensure your cargoes reach the end destination without issue.

Follow the location of your wide and overweight shipments in real-time with our industry-leading tracking service. The status of each asset we carry is logged around the clock, every day to ensure customer satisfaction. Powered by the most accurate routing plans, we provide consumers with predictive estimated-time-of-arrivals and accurate delivery notifications.

With Superior, the best are behind the wheel

In the ever-changing commercial freight logistics industry, companies are only as strong as their weakest driver. Our network includes skilled operators with years of experience moving heavy and oversized loads safely and efficiently.

Every load is precious to our drivers. They know the ins and outs of getting the biggest loads across bridges, narrow roadways or sensitive areas. Trailers are equipped with chains, straps, dunnage and tarps to ensure loads arrive safely and securely.

Jobsites or distribution centers with specific safety or security requirements need not be concerned. Drivers can meet the personal protective equipment requirements of each facility or job site and carry active TWIC cards for loads at ports of entry.

We are on call

At Superior Nationwide Logistics, we strive to understand each customer’s transport needs and challenges personally before offering high-value, dependable solutions.

Our support team is available at all times to help pair customers with the best transportation solution for their needs and budgetary constraints. We respond to all inquiries with an initial quote in 10 minutes or less. Requests necessitating additional research will receive quotes within one hour.

Fill out the quote request form and a team member will get to you within 48 Hours. Or if you have a question, click here to send us a message