Moving your energy industry equipment

Continue keeping lights on at home and fueling transportation on the roads by moving your energy industry equipment with Superior Nationwide Logistics. We have hauled numerous equipment for energy and oil and gas businesses such as: pipeline, heat exchangers, and process equipment.

We are a comprehensive transportation company offering complete logistics management for the renewable and oil and gas energy sectors. Our services include short- and long-haul flatbed, step-deck and dry van transit. We offer expedited, hot shot, less-than-truckload, and partial load services, and specialize in oversized and overweight items.

Choosing Superior Nationwide Logistics is a hassle-free way to streamline supply chain networks and meet demand without breaking the bank. Our team is committed to providing quick, powerful transportation solutions to those solving the world’s energy needs.

Services tailored to industry expectations

With decades of experience hauling loads for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, our team understands industry needs.

Hours lost awaiting invoices can lead to an oilfield rig shutdown and traffic delays can shave minutes of productivity from an operator. Expedited and hot shot transportation services are available for customers demanding the fastest turnaround times. Our expedited transport service can get your precious cargo delivered in the timeliest manner possible, whereas hot shot carriers move freight directly from its origin facility to end destination in the shortest possible time, often nonstop. Our carriers are committed to providing oil pipeline transportation services. 

Those looking to stretch their supply chain budget while still receiving top-notch delivery services have options with less-than-truckload and partial shipment options. Less-than-truckload, or LTL, delivery allows for one customer’s load to share space on established routes, reducing the costs of fuel and handling while getting shipments to their destinations quickly and effectively. Partial loads usually consist of cargo that takes up lots of space but with little weight and is delivered on the same vehicle from which it was loaded. Partial truckload shipments are door-to-door.

Moving oversized and overweight energy equipment is no issue for Superior Nationwide Logistics. Our team is available at all times to help pair customers with the best solution for their transportation needs.

Devoted to the customer

Delivering a product that meets customers’ expectations is Superior Nationwide Logistics’ utmost priority. We respond to all inquiries with an initial quote in 10 minutes or less. Inquiries requiring additional research will receive quotes within one hour.

Track the location of your shipments in real-time with our industry-leading tracking service. The status of each asset we carry is logged around the clock, every day to ensure customer satisfaction. Powered by the most accurate routing plans, we provide consumers with predictive estimated-time-of-arrivals and accurate delivery notifications.

Our fleet

Services offered

  • Expedited service for those in need
  • Hotshot for point-to-point deliveries
  • Reduce costs with less-than-truckload and partial load delivery services

Full transportation coverage

  • Years of experience providing logistics solutions to the energy sector
  • Map out routes when required
  • Obtain special permits when loads exceed federal, state or local government requirements
  • Years of experience hauling loads for the energy sector

Our drivers know freight

  • Seasoned, experienced drivers
  • TWIC cards
  • Carry personal-protective equipment
  • Equipped with dunnage, tarps, straps and other equipment to secure and safeguard loads.

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