Cargo Van Loads/ Dry Van Loads

Fully enclosed, dry van shipping needs at competitive prices

Bring your non-perishable foods and consumer products to store shelves safely and efficiently with cargo van transportation services from Superior Nationwide Logistics.

Whether short hauls around town or cross-continental traverses, our team has the right equipment and experienced personnel to handle your fully enclosed, dry van shipping needs at competitive prices. If you are unsure which type of shipping will work best for your unique application do not fret. Contact Superior Nationwide Logistics and our friendly staff will help determine the best transportation service to get your load to its destination quickly, safely, and at an affordable price.

Dry van transit is best for many applications

Dry vans are an ideal transportation option for products packed onto pallets and loaded from the ground or loading dock. Dry vans do have size, proportion and weight limitations, however.

Our customer service agents are available at all hours to help determine whether dry van shipping is the best fit for customers’ cargo. We respond to all inquiries with an initial quote in 10 minutes or less. Inquiries requiring additional research will receive quotes within one hour.

Dry Van benefits

  • Versatile transit alternative used for a wide array of products, from non-perishable foods to building materials
  • Cargo is protected from weather
  • Cargo is secure from theft
  • Simple to load and unload, as there is no need to use straps, chains or tarps

Dry van transport brings peace of mind

Dry van trailers are perfect for protecting cargoes from elemental onslaughts and irresponsible human behavior.

With a fully enclosed cargo and secure door, dry van loads are sheltered from the weather and possible illegal behavior beyond the trailer. This makes dry vans ideal for high-end, non-perishable products.

Transit security

Superior Nationwide Logistics takes care of your shipment from beginning to end. With thousands of qualified drivers across the Continental United States of America and Canada, our team has the capacity and experience to move your freight.

Dry vans come equipped with latch points, ropes and tie-down straps to better secure loads inside of the trailer. Safety and security are our drivers’ utmost concerns. Loads are transported with care, while drivers can meet or exceed the personal-protective equipment requirements of each facility or job site. They also carry active TWIC cards for loads at ports of entry.

We can unite you with liquid refrigerated carriers

Superior Nationwide Logistics does not currently offer refrigerated dry-van transportation services, but we can connect customers with reputable carriers upon request.

Our fleet

  • Length: 48 feet up to 53 feet
  • Wide Body: 108 inches by 48 inches or 53 inches
  • Maximum height: 111 inches by 53 feet, dry van with swing doors
  • Maximum weight: 46,000 pounds

Experienced drivers only

  • TWIC cards
  • Each carries personal-protective equipment
  • Maximum height: 111 inches by 53 feet, dry van with swing doors
  • Equipped with dunnage, tarps, straps and other equipment to secure and safeguard loads.

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