Flatbed Transportation Services

Transport your load safely and economically with our flatbed trailer specialists

Transport your load safely and economically with the flatbed trailer specialists at Superior Nationwide Logistics. Flatbed freight shipping & trucking services offer good diversity because they can haul a wide range of flatbed hauling pipeloads.

Moving cargo and equipment by flatbed trailer curbs downtime while maximizing results. Simple and efficient to load and unload, flatbed trailers provide reliable shipping for industries that regularly move raw materials and durable goods nationwide and throughout Canada.

Our flatbed transit experts can move your cargo or heavy equipment, regardless of size. If shipments need permits and escorts for transport or special equipment for loading and unloading, Superior Nationwide Logistics can handle the job.

Flatbed trailer benefits

  • Very versatile, with no sides or roof allowing for easy loading and unloading
  • Dependable shipping option for industries that regularly move raw materials and durable goods

Safety onsite and in motion

With flatbed trailer freight transport being an open platform, load security at the worksite and on the road is of the utmost concern.

  • Drivers have TWIC cards for ports of entry access
  • Drivers carry personal protective equipment for use on job sites
  • Trailers are equipped with chains, straps, dunnage, and tarps to ensure loads arrive safely and securely

Our customers come first

Superior Nationwide Logistics provides comprehensive flatbed trailer service to the continental United States of America and Canada, and we strive to provide superior customer service with a personalized touch that makes business easy.

  • Customer service team responds to all inquiries with an initial quote in 10 minutes or less. Inquiries requiring additional research will receive quotes within one hour.
  • Tracking to all of the freight with an industry-leading technology platform
  • Notifications prior to arrival

Our capabilities

  • A vast network of flatbed truck operators servicing the continental United States of America and Canada
  • Expect reliable pickup, careful handling, and on-time delivery
  • Our experts can handle oversized and overweight loads

Our fleet

  • Length: 48 feet up to 53 feet
  • Wide Body: 108 inches by 48 inches or 53 inches
  • Maximum height: 111 inches by 53 feet, dry van with swing doors
  • Maximum weight: 46,000 pounds

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